Get Involved

RaW is Warwick Uni's very own student run radio station, broadcasting all day every day, year in year out. We're one of the biggest and most prominent societies at Warwick, and throughout the country, RaW is seen as one of the 'big boys' of student radio.

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved…

Presenters: The voices of the station! You can present your own show playing the slickest trip-hop beats or Welsh vocal choirs' whatever floats your boat! We'll need to run you through a bit of training but thereafter we'll let you loose! You could have your own show by Week 3!

Engineers: The RaW studios are a piece of engineering genius. We've got two studios, plus two broadcasting systems and a whole host of other cool things for you to get your pliers into. 'Cos the station has been around a while, it's sometimes falling apart at the seams, so an army of dedicated engineers is always needed (and loved!).

IT and Website Monkeys: We've got more servers than NASA (probably) and they all need looking after and taken for romantic meals. Not to mention our shiny website. If you know what '010100100110000101010111' means then this is for you!

Other Departments: News, Music, Production, Speech, Sports and Arts - all specialist departments with their own host of minions. If you've ever wanted to commentate on Premiership matches or review the latest cinema releases (and loads more!) then check out the Departments.

What we've got for you

Offer us your sweat, tears and time and we can offer you the unique chance to work in a professional broadcast environment, with hands on experience with industry standard editing and mixing equipment including:

  • Two broadcast studios, with industry standard equipment.
  • Professional standard digital editing systems for making pre-recorded content.
  • Our own digital playout system giving you access to hours of music at the touch of a button!

Not to mention access to 40 years of music and the chance to have a go at making radio where it doesn't matter if you cock it up! The perfect place to practice and to hone your skills into slick broadcast professionals.

And if that wasn't enough…

A few years presenting and producing your own show, wiring our studios, maintaining the website or reading the news looks like an absolute gem on your CV. Thinking of going into the media? RaW is the perfect place to start.

Free stuff! The departments get free press passes to get into gigs, films, plays or sports fixtures!

Socials: We don't just do radio y'know! The departments organise various bits and pieces for their members, and the society as a whole goes on regular socials in the union, and out into Coventry and Leamington Spa!

So you wanna get involved?

Join up and pick up further information on how to get involved during the Societies Fair in week 1 of term 1 or sign up on the Union Website for just £3.00.

You can always pop in to say hi and find out more about what we do. Come find us on the top floor of Union North - go straight up the stairs next to Reception, across the seating area at the top and down the corridor. We're right opposite the President's office!